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Traditional Scottish Favourites, Non-Traditional Flavours

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Cooper's Classics is a small home-based family-run bakery specialising in traditional Scottish favourites with non-traditional flavours. Our mission here is to keep as many of the good old-fashioned traditions alive and we believe that it all starts in the kitchen.


With a recipe that has been handed down in our family from generation to generation. Our amazing Chef learnt this from her Mother who started it in Edinburgh, Scotland and now she is teaching her children the secrets here, in Perth, Western Australia.

There is nothing sweeter then watching our Mum teach her grandchildren, just like she did with us and her Mum did with her. We truly hope we get to continue watching this tradition grow and watch as our children, one day, teach their children.

Now we are sharing it with the world and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!



Cooper’s Classics Family

Our products are proudly made with Millers Flour.

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Treats for every occasion

Our 40g cookies are the perfect bite-sized treat, at any time, for anyone, anywhere.

Or grab a Family Share Size and take it over to Nan's for a catch up! She will love it... and you.

Either way it is amazing with a coffee!

Perfect for the sweet tooth...

Our Crumbly Scottish Tablet is a melt in your mouth, gritty textured and extremely addictive treat. 

Once you start, it is hard to stop...

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Here is where you can find a store to buy your favourite Cooper's Classics products.

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If you are interested in stocking our products, please contact us  for more details and our wholesale price list.


The Camerons of Lochiel. It is one of the most ancient clans of Scotland and originates from Lochaber in the Scottish Highlands. Their motto is Aonaibh Ri Chéile which translates to "Let Us Unite". The basic tartan is sixteen green squares upon a red background sett, with a bright yellow bordering.

Do you come from a clan? Tell us about it!

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